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You are a community

Koalift is a solution for parents that helps them organize and easily share their children's journeys
within communities of trust via their preferred means of transport.


Koalift encourages you to become the greenest school or club in Belgium by reducing
the impact of your members' shuttles on the environment. Parents can
share their trip by car, public transport or even by bike and on foot. 

Simple and user-friendly

Koalift brings your members together and simplifies the task of organizing
shuttles for better accessibility to your establishments.

Secure and safe

By reducing the number of cars around your establishments,
Koalift motivates the use of alternative means of transport to the car
and improves the safety of children around your establishments.

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Create a trusted social network for your members and their families and increase community feeling, promote an eco-friendly way of commuting and a safer environment around your Community!

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